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For all high-power bass applications where a fine balance of extended low frequency, high output, improved transient response and lower distortion are required in a 4 to 10 cu. ft. enclosure. This loudspeaker is ideal for use as the subwoofer in professional sound systems, club systems, DJ systems, houses of worship and cinemas.


  • old model code: -
  • nominal basket diameter: 18", 457.2mm
  • impedance: 8 ohm
  • power rating: 800Wrms
  • resonance: 32Hz
  • usable frequency range: 28Hz to 1.6kHz
  • magnet weight: 3.1kg, 109oz.
  • gap height: 0.375", 9.5mm
  • voice coil diameter: 4", 101.6mm
  • mounting information: recommended enclosure volume: 112 to 280 litres volume displaced by driver: 7.5 litres overall diameter: 18", 457.2mm baffle hole diameter: 16.56", 420mm front sealing gasket: fitted as standard rear sealing gasket: fitted as standard mounting holes diameter: 0.25", 6.4mm mounting hole B.C.D.: 17.25", 438.2mm depth: 8.15", 207mm weight: 29.0lbs, 13.1kg
  • thiele-small parameters: resonant frequency (fs): 32Hz impedance (Re): 6.1 ohm coil inductance (Le): 2.65mH electromagnetic Q (Qes): 0.33 mechanical Q (Qms): 7.33 total Q (Qts): 0.32 compliance equivalent volume (Vas): 254 litres peak diaphragm displacement volume (Vd): 275cc mechanical compliance of suspension (Cms): 0.1258mm/N BL Product (BL): 27.23 T-M diaphragm mass inc. airload (Mms): 200g equivalent resistance of mechanical suspension loss (Rms): 5.4365N*sec/M efficiency bandwidth product (EBP): 96.2 voice coil overhang (Xmax): 6.4mm surface area of cone (Sd): 1188cm

296.11 Ls / 421.19Eur

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