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The professional starter.


  • the user loses little time digging up rubbish thanks to the excellent discrimination function
  • user-friendly ground exclusion system makes it easy to pinpoint targets at great depth, even in difficult ground conditions
  • new lightweight stem - perfectly balanced NEW Isocon 8" search coil
  • 2 separate detector settings are available: 'inland' detection: factory setting ignores mineralised inland ground and responds to all metals 'beach' detection: when combing the beach you can use this setting to exclude the salty wet sand, enabling the device to detect iron
  • detection indication: by the loudspeaker sounding off and by the meter needle moving
  • new discrimination mode: dual tone audio discrimination
  • controls: level control with on/off switch and tune control
  • selectors: inland/beach and meter disc/none/meter + audio disc
  • remark: only availaible with English manual
  • optional (not incl.): protection cover for the search coil: CS990XD/SP1


  • power supply: 8 x 1.5V AA batteries (not incl.)
  • weight: -

330.63 Ls / 470.29Eur

Šis produkts mūsu katalogam tika pievienots sestdiena 01 septembris, 2012.