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Sākums » Katalogs » Instrumenti, komplekti un moduļi - VELLEMAN PROJEKTI » Mājas Automatizācija » Kontrole / Ieeja » VMBTP8CF » Vadības panelis 8.4"" ar mājas kino priekš Velbus mājas sistēmas

This compact Panel PC is pre-installed with the Home Center application by Stijnen solutions . This client-server software is completely self configurable. The software scans your Velbus system and creates an in-stant easy to use touch control system with feedback indica-tion. Place control icons, background pictures, control dimmers, lights, blinds, heating... Auto configuration of multi-use but-tons (macro's) to create moods, all off, night mode... Using a network/Wi-Fi it is possible to connect other client PC's. Even use the internet to remotely check you home. Available from Stijnen Solutions: Free Home Center Lite application at iTunes. All controls under your thumb! With instant feedback indication. ( Wi-Fi needed )


  • Windows pos 2009 OS ( Point Of Service Windows)
  • magnetic hold strip for front panel
  • power: 100 - 230VAC (12Vdc power adaptor included)
  • consumption: 15W operating / 9W standby
  • screen, Flat panel: 8.4" 800x600pixels LED backlight, brightness 360cd/m

1,602.99 Ls / 2,280.09Eur

Šis produkts mūsu katalogam tika pievienots sestdiena 01 septembris, 2012.