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Infra Red remote control. All eight controls on your LCD are accessible via this remote control. It can also be used to upload information to your own programmable remote control.


  • access to all 4 (+4 on 2e page) buttons of VMB4PD push button and timer module
  • sleek, stylish enclosure
  • single button operation
  • unique tilt-switch action
  • 'selected button'- indication
  • animated 'transmit'-indication
  • multiple addresses allow the use of up to 16 remotes in a single room without interference
  • unused buttons can be discriminated and auto-skipped during selection.
  • auto power-off stretches battery life, even when transmit button accidentally remains pushed


  • range: up to 12m (indoors)
  • 16 addresses
  • colour: black
  • power supply: 2 x AAA battery" (not incl.)
  • dimensions: 160 x 27 x 23mm / 6,29 x 1,06 x 0,9"

44.76 Ls / 63.66Eur

Šis produkts mūsu katalogam tika pievienots sestdiena 01 septembris, 2012.