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SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEM WITH THREE OUTPUTS - WATERPROOF - FOR DOOR OPENER AND OTHER SECURITY CONTROL APPLICATIONS The EEPROM memory protects the system's programmed data in case of power failure. Over 100 million combinations are possible for the three independent user codes (code 1, code 2 & code 3) and the master code (which also acts as the super user code). User code 1 can be altered to act as a duress code for reporting duress to an alarm system or to a telephone dialler. Other security features include door sensing for the door auto re-lock function and a built-in tamper switch. An egress button can also be connected in order to provide the user with an easy exit from the protected area. The plastic case of the keypad unit is precisely engineered and the front panel and the mounting box are sealed with a water-resistant gasket, making the keypad suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


  • 3 LEDs for status indication
  • audible key operation
  • tamper switch
  • backlight


  • relay outputs: output 1: 5 Amp output 2: 1 Amp output 3: 1 Amp
  • duress output: 150mA sink / 12Vdc open collector that switches to ground
  • current drain: 15 - 150mA
  • operation codes: User code 1, 2 & 3, Super User code, Master code, Duress code and Accelerated code
  • code combinations: 111111100 possibilities
  • operation voltage: 12Vac or dc
  • dimensions: 129 x 84 x 41mm
  • weight: 220g net

54.99 Ls / 78.21Eur

Šis produkts mūsu katalogam tika pievienots sestdiena 01 septembris, 2012.