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HAA263D is an auxiliary control keypad for the HAM263D alarm system, which is designed for the user who wants more than one control keypad. Simply connect the auxiliary keypad in parallel with the leads of the master keypad, it will have the exact same functionality as the master keypad.


  • weatherproof control keypad
  • set up master code for programming authorization
  • software panic function (by pressing any two buttons simultaneously for +3 seconds)
  • bypass the un-used and/or faulty zone(s)
  • put the frequently bypassed zone(s) in memory for HOME mode.
  • show the faulty zone(s) during disarmed condition with user code
  • arm system instantly without delay
  • clear the alarm memory of the whole system or only a specific partition
  • initiate dynamic battery test at anytime during disarmed mode
  • initiate a 5-second operation of both timing and latch output relays to test the connected siren/strobe light
  • system code for direct access to programming mode in case the master code is forgotten
  • fully Compatible with HAM263D alarm systems
  • up to 4 keypads can be connected to the alarm system (HAM263D)
  • extra keypads have the exact same functionality as the master keypad
  • simply connect extra keypads in parallel with the master keypad
  • long connection distance possible, up to 500 metres


  • dimensions: 117 x 117 x 27mm
  • weight: 220g
  • input voltage: 12VDC (provided by control unit of HAM263D)

26.43 Ls / 37.60Eur

Šis produkts mūsu katalogam tika pievienots sestdiena 01 septembris, 2012.