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Learn about wind energy and create hydrogen from water. Experiment with clean energy and fuel cell technology. Power your own inventions using a small electric motor. Scientists and researchers around the world have been looking to find new ways to meet our growing energy needs without further damaging our environment or endangering our planet. Discover with this hydro-wind kit how to store renewable wind energy using hydrogen fuel cell technology, combining two of the world's most advanced clean energy technologies. The hydro-wind kit is a modular experiment set designed to demonstrate the workings of a wind energy technology system on a miniature scale. This kit includes a wind turbine, a PEM reversible fuel cell, and a water-based hydrogen storage system encouraging users to explore the science step by step. The hydro-wind kit can be configured in different ways, and helps visualize the workings of clean energy principles from start to finish.


  • recommended age: 12 years and up
  • this kit contains: PEM reversible fuel cell module water/gas storage tanks module mini electric motor and propeller wind turbine tubes and accessories battery pack for 2x 1.5V AA batteries (LR6C, not incl.) user manual and experiment guide on CD

86.74 Ls / 123.38Eur

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