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Create a soothing environment with this ultrasonic aroma diffuser. No heating element or chemicals used. The aroma diffuser uses a high-frequency ultrasonic oscillator which breaks down the liquid into minute particles. The ventilation system diffuses the water in the form of cold aromatized steam. Just fill the diffuser with normal tap water and add a few drops of essential oil to fill the room with your favourite scent.


  • harmless and environment-friendly
  • can be used as a humidifier or as an aroma diffuser in beauty salons, spas, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.
  • suitable for different essential oils
  • water level sensor light
  • 2 speeds: high - low
  • 4 colour schemes: red - green - blue (fixed) or sequential


  • LEDs: 3 LEDs, red - green - blue
  • water reservoir: 180ml
  • power rating: 12W
  • power supply: 24Vdc-500mA through PSU (incl.)
  • dimensions: 100 x 113 x 198mm
  • weight: 245g

18.26 Ls / 25.98Eur

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